The Value Chain Consultants Ltd
is an independent procurement consulting firm established and incorporated in Kenya and experienced in delivering procurement solutions to its range of Clients. We draw on our experience and network resources to primarily provide Procurement and Supply Chain solutions customized to the Client’s requirements.

We seek to address the requirement for independent dedicated procurement practitioners in the market.

Our procurement knowledge and the wide range of skills we can draw on to implement them means that we can undertake a variety of assignments ranging from one-of project procurement of goods/works/plant & equipment packages through to full procurement audits of a client’s systems and procedures generating tangible operational and commercial benefits.

We work with Not for Profit Organizations and Social Programmes, Partnering Consultants, Commodity Buyers, Suppliers, Government and Public Institutions, Private Sector, Bidding Consortia, International Bilateral and Multilateral Donor Agencies.

About Value Chain Consultants
The Value Chain Consultant is run by its principal consultant: Robert Waiganjo, who together with his team have acquired and honed procurement experience in varying industries and sectors.
Our approach is aimed at instilling and sustaining professional procurement practices that pass full the benefits to our clients. Modern market trends support focusing on procurement practice so as to attain a competitive advantage in the dynamic business environment and achieve value for money. We are dedicated in formulating a strategic approach to your organization’s procurement that will help you attain your objectives.
Our client-centered approached are designed to analyze your requirements in detail, and design and implement tailored procurement solutions to meet them.
The common denominator in our service provision is an enthusiasm for results ... and it shows.


The Value Chain Consultants will provide Proposal management, Tender preparation / response writing, Checks for compliance to mandatory and evaluation criteria, Support for bid strategies, Industry development statements, Overflow service (for established bidders with too much work) and Contract negotiations. If you are responding to a tender we will assist you to respond comprehensively to all tender types. Our services are component based so you choose what you want us to do, this could be proposal management and tender preparation based on you inputs (end-to-end) or a component of the response you would like us to complete or simply use us as an overflow service if your resources are stretched and running at 100%. We specialize in a range of areas including Public-Private Partnerships (PPP); Plant and Equipment Supply, Installation and Commissioning; Term contracts for supply of goods and services; Civil, Building and Road works; Electrical works; Mining and Exploitation of Natural Resources; Consultancy and Service provision.


We will assist you with contract preparation and formulating the pre-negotiation checklists and strategies. For existing contracts, we will advise you on how to manage them and to keep them running smoothly. If things go wrong, we will explain your options and devise a strategy for dealing with the problem to get the project back on track.

The long duration of projects and complex contracts lead to new contract management stresses. For instance, managing B.O.T contracts through a construction or manufacturing stage can be a mini-project in its own right. During the service delivery phase complex negotiations are often needed for contract variations. Complex disputes may need to be resolved – preferably without expensive recourse to the Courts. Periodic benchmarking or market testing exercises need to be planned and contract variations agreed – in effect more mini-projects.

Our contract negotiation services include:


This service caters for firms and agencies looking to partner and shore up strength in bidding processes especially for International Competitive Bidding and Public-Private Partnerships. Through its market knowledge and vendor selection processes, The Value Chain Consultants will identify and shortlist suitable partnering Agencies for International companies looking to work in the region.


The Value Chain Consultants will assist you to specify, source and contract for your requirements in a manner to suit your organization’s procurement needs. If you are going out to tender we help prepare and compare your document for various tender types, namely: Expression of Interest; Tender Notices; Request for Quotations; Request for Proposal. We will use your business requirements to develop the documentation and help you get the most out of your suppliers. Our services could include preparing the following based on your requirements: Overview; Conditions of Tender; Statement of Requirements; Compliance Criteria and Weighting; Environmental requirements; Conditions of Contract; Value Adds; Additional requirements as per the scope of your tender.


The Value Chain Consultant’s procurement audit service includes scrutinizing transaction processes and internal procurement functions, verifying compliance with organizational and legal requirements, analyzing procedures, planning and approval processes. We conduct the full spectrum of procurement auditing to make sure you are achieving real value for money in all your procurement operations.


We at The Value Chain Consultants will review, develop and document procurement processes together aligned to your business procedures and prevailing legislative framework. A defined set of systems and procedures together with supporting documentation are fundamental in the ability of an organization to operate effectively and in a consistent and efficient manner. They facilitate an organization’s procedural compliance and recognized certification in its processes.


The Value Chain Consultants will help you source individuals and teams capable of operating at any level on either a temporary or permanent basis. We also offer customized procurement training to suit our Client’s specific requirements.
How do you ensure Confidentiality?
The Value Chain Consultants will prepare and execute a detailed confidentiality agreement to ensure that we do not divulge the client information. We trade on our integrity to ensure that we remain relevant to our clients.

How long does consultation take?

In some cases, consultation to identify the nature of service may take up to 3 hours; this is not charged.
What Geographical area do you cover?
The Value Chain Consultants Ltd is based in Mombasa but our operations have no geographical limitations. We already have a dedicated procurement department.

Why do we need to employ you?

The Value Chain Consultants will provide a different perspective and challenge the accepted corporate norm. We provide a health check which an existing directly employed resource is unable to do in an objective, unbiased manner.
Why do we need to engage a Procurement Consultant?
Procurement systems and procedures employed within organizations have often evolved over time and are generally executed by individuals who do not necessarily have a wealth of dedicated procurement experience. Organizations that are unsure if they are realizing the maximum commercial benefit but do not have the specialist resource available in house should engage the services of a Procurement Consultant.
What does it cost to engage a Procurement Consultant?
We tailor our fees to meet your requirement in our range of services.

How long does an Audit take?

The period of time required to complete an audit will vary but is generally concluded within 3 days. The submission of the report itself will again vary depending on the level of audit commissioned.