How do you ensure Confidentiality?
The Value Chain Consultants will prepare and execute a detailed confidentiality agreement to ensure that we do not divulge the client information. We trade on our integrity to ensure that we remain relevant to our clients.

How long does consultation take?

In some cases, consultation to identify the nature of service may take up to 3 hours; this is not charged.
What Geographical area do you cover?
The Value Chain Consultants Ltd is based in Mombasa but our operations have no geographical limitations. We already have a dedicated procurement department.

Why do we need to employ you?

The Value Chain Consultants will provide a different perspective and challenge the accepted corporate norm. We provide a health check which an existing directly employed resource is unable to do in an objective, unbiased manner.
Why do we need to engage a Procurement Consultant?
Procurement systems and procedures employed within organizations have often evolved over time and are generally executed by individuals who do not necessarily have a wealth of dedicated procurement experience. Organizations that are unsure if they are realizing the maximum commercial benefit but do not have the specialist resource available in house should engage the services of a Procurement Consultant.
What does it cost to engage a Procurement Consultant?
We tailor our fees to meet your requirement in our range of services.

How long does an Audit take?

The period of time required to complete an audit will vary but is generally concluded within 3 days. The submission of the report itself will again vary depending on the level of audit commissioned.